Searchie - it is about time!


#update! SearchieHUBs just added! Searchie just got 1000% better

Searchie has added something called SearchieHUBs (or just HUBS) to the platform!

Think of Google search but for a NETFLIX styled collection of YOUR videos!

We've created a 'sister site' called where we're adding additional content specifically on HUBS.

Searchie... the ultimate search engine for YOUR video or audio content

For the longest time, video/audio content creators have been overwhelmed when it comes to finding that clip that they really needed to find.

It is about time that problem is solved!

We learned long ago not to go searching because it was too hard. Ever try to go back to your family home movies to find something? Yea, we gave up trying that!

But Searchie ( is a new way of transcribing your videos and then giving your viewers a way to search that content to get answers.

Here's how searchie defines themselves: "The solution to content overwhelm - Transform your audio and video content into a powerful search platform, making it more accessible and easier to consume."

Think of Google search but for a collection of YOUR videos!

Imagine a search engine totally dedicated to your video content!

NOTE! The video above is hosted on Searchie! Yes it HOSTS too!


Searchie Demo

Curious to see a live example?

Search for the word "Penguin" for fun... or "Gorilla"

Popout Demo

Click the search icon below to see the popup

searchie fat

Searchie FAQ

SearchiePro is the #1 source for 'how to' answers on processes. No need to look anywhere else.

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I know you're excited now... so go ahead and grab searchie, you won't be disappointed.

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How could you leverage that video content? Here are some ideas: 

You've got a membership site... and great video content, but you spend too much time answering questions.

Imagine giving the users the ability to find the answers themselves!

Most amazing course on the planet and you're proud of it, but the students keep asking you things like: "where did you tell me how to do xyz?"

So you simply point them to your course search widget!

You've provided a lot of live videos and tips and tricks for your site visitors... Imagine giving them the ability to search ALL that content... for the mere price of joining your email list.

Don't forget this is also a transcription service - something you're paying a lot for from other sites but you also get the benefit of the cool video search widgets.

Export that transcription and use it for your Facebook upload so viewers can follow along if they can't turn on their sound.

Bonus! Every subscriber is an affiliate!

Subscribe to Searchie (which is an insane bargain in the first place) and you can share your experience with others. Affiliates earn 30% commission so sign up 3 subscribers and your Searchie is basically free. Bring on more and earn monthly revenue. Once people are addicted to Searchie, they're not going to un-subscribe.