SearchieTip – “Please use Searchie on a Desktop” – how do I fix this?

planetMitch Standard, Video

If you are seeing this message, please use Searchie on a desktop device, you may be wondering why.

Maybe you’re seeing it on your laptop or your smartphone.

Searchie the backend is not designed to be used on a smartphone. So they are trying to detect your resolution of your screen.

Now, if you are using a Mac, then you can hit the command minus to change the resolution you see in Chrome.

It shows you what the zoom level is. And I had bumped it way up.

But hitting command minus brings it back down to size.

So if you’re doing this on a laptop, then if you see that message, you simply need to change your resolution.

Now I’m not a windows guy, but I did find this.

If you’re in Google Chrome, there are different browsers, obviously, but in Google Chrome on windows, you would do the three dots. And then the zoom factor. I don’t know if control plus and control minus do it on windows or not, but on a Mac command, plus I’ll show you a command plus makes it bigger and minus makes it smaller.

So that’s all you need to do.

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