Significant updates added today…

planetMitch Standard

Here is a summary:

  • Added file-level tagging. Organize files using custom tags. Tags can be used for searching inside the app and what is visible in a widget.    🎉
  • File uploading is now resumable. If a session is exited or canceled when a file is re-uploaded it will resume at the previous state. 😲
  • Uploading now supports multiple formats beyond just MP4 and MP3.  Upload MOV, M4V, AVI’s and most common formats!  🆒
  • Made improvements to video streaming. Searchie is now detecting a user’s bandwidth and CPU capacity in real-time and adjusting the quality of the media stream accordingly. 💨
  • Business plans now support uploading of transcripts generated from 3rd party services.  ⬆️
  • Widgets now allow tags for file visibility.  This allows for greater flexibility for what can be displayed in search results.  🥳
  • Squashed a ton of bugs, and minor UX improvements 🐛