SearchieTip – “Please use Searchie on a Desktop” – how do I fix this?

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If you are seeing this message, please use Searchie on a desktop device, you may be wondering why. Maybe you’re seeing it on your laptop or your smartphone. Searchie the backend is not designed to be used on a smartphone. So they are trying to detect your resolution of your screen. Now, if you are using a Mac, then you …

Searchie Review

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This is my (long) review of *** note… the text below is the actual transcription of the video above as created by Searchie! The only edits I did were to 3-4 words in the first 2 paragraphs… it had “Planet mitch” for example… I changed that to planetMitch Transcription: Greetings, everyone. planetMitch founder and chief astronomer over at …

Quick answer – how to get started uploading

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A question from the searchie FB group was how to get started. This isn’t the most complete video, but maybe it will kick you into gear.