Brief introduction to Searchie

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So what exactly is Searchie? Imagine an exclusive search engine created just for your content.

Why would you want it? Here are 4 great reasons:

  1. Increase consumption of your content
  2. Improve your video and audio processing workflow with automation that eliminates so many time consuming tasks
  3. Slash support tasks by 80% or more
  4. Your community gets the answers they need FAST

There is a revolution coming, and if you are a content creator, either video or audio, please pay attention because Searchie is going to change the way you help your community. I’m planetMitch from

My purpose is to help people build their business by exploding their email list through viral giveaway. I have found something that is gonna profoundly change the way I help my community.

In fact, Jon said this the other day is probably the most powerful tool I have purchased this year.

Think of Searchie as your exclusive search engine for your content.

In the past, we have learned not to do this. We have figured out that it is so hard to go find that particular piece of video or audio that we’ve given up doing it. We have something called YouTube right. For example, here is my YouTube channel. You can see that there are gobs and gobs of answers to people’s questions.

They just don’t know how to find them. Sure, they can put in the search up here in the search box,

But are they searching just my content? No. They’re searching everybody’s content and even you to provides this little sub search where they could type in their own question,

and it would just search my content. But what is it searching? It’s searching my titles. It’s searching my description,

and it’s searching the key words that I have put in. It is not searching the actual content. For a video like this one that is 42 minutes long, there’s a whole lot of content there that is really hard to explain in a short description and a few key words.

What if people could search every bit of my content here on YouTube by keyword? For all of the words that I said throughout all of those videos,

that’s what Searchie does.

Let me give you a living example, Alessandro over on this Facebook group for upViral, which is a tool that I primarily use for helping people grow their business through viral contests, asked this question.

He had seen a video. The owner of UpViral had done where he talked about the lead page, having filters with an example, like a question or a product or a demographic. So he asked, How can I do that?

Now? I happen to know that over in this mass of YouTube videos, I have the answer in my particular situation.

If I want to help him, I have to go find that particular video and find the particular spot that has the answer that he needs.

But that was before Searchie. Now I can facilitate him finding his own answer by giving him access to my Searchie search engine.

Suppose you create a page on your website like this one that gives access to a segment of your free content things that people can see.

For example, you too. In Alessandro’s case, maybe he would search on the word filter because that’s the word he used in the question notice.

Searchie found a whole bunch of different videos that I said the word filter Notice. Searchie jumped right into the video hour and 10 minutes into the video to the spot where I talk about filtering and adding custom fields to the form (notice this one is select by country), which is the exact answer that Alessandro’s looking for!

Now, I could go into the Facebook group, give Alessandro a link and to suggest that he searched for the word filter and get right to the answer that he needs.

Jump over to and scroll down a little bit until you see the demo.

In this particular case, I have a pop out demo. You can implement Searchie either on a page or as this pop out.

When I click it, it pops up the Searchie search engine that I have created for my viewers to be able to get answers to questions.

Stu McLaren, the creator of Searchie, implemented Searchie on his own Web site. What they found is that their customer support the questions that people were asking through e mails and other means dropped by almost 80%.

Imagine how good your community is going to feel when they can go get their own answers without having to knock on your door and bother you. You’ll be more efficient. You’ll be providing better service. You’ll be providing more content for them to go search through.

You can also set it up to search through your private content or your membership. There are thousands of thousands of ways that you can imagine collecting video in giving access to something that people have never been able to search through before.

This is indeed a revolution, and it Searchie is going to change the way you do things. Please come over to and get the answers that you need about Searchie.