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This is my (long) review of

*** note… the text below is the actual transcription of the video above as created by Searchie! The only edits I did were to 3-4 words in the first 2 paragraphs… it had “Planet mitch” for example… I changed that to planetMitch


Greetings, everyone. planetMitch founder and chief astronomer over at The countdown is over. Actually, tomorrow is going to be an earth shattering day. I don’t have that ready. Um, it’s it’s exciting and I just can’t contain myself. You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I’m gonna demonstrate something that is going to change your life. If you are a content creator, either video or audio content. Something that is coming tomorrow called Searchie is gonna really change the way you do things.

I’m really, really excited about this. I can’t tell you I’m earthquake excited. Do you feel it? I feel it. It’s It’s crazy. What? I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through and give you some information about what Searchie is. Why on earth you would need something called Searchie. I’m gonna give you a demo. I’m gonna kind of give you a review. The title of this is a Searchie biased review. And I’m gonna tell you right up front that I’m biased and I do want you to potentially buy Searchie.

But I want I want to get you exposed to it. And if you end up buying it, that’s great. If you buy it through a friend of yours that happens to have Searchie. That’s great too. Ah, but I’m telling you right up front that there’s money involved in this for me, but without the money part of it. I really super excited about this crazy tool. And I’m doing this in a Facebook live. I’m not doing an edit, a fancy ass edit where I’m gonna cut this thing up and make it be the best thing ever.

I’m probably gonna make a couple of mistakes along the way. People are welcome to come in and comment. I’m pointing at my comments window over here. I will happily answer questions as we go because I think that will help people understand what Searchie is all about. And I’m just crazy excited about it. I can’t wait for you to see it. Hopefully, you’re a little curious now, but let me also tell you that if you’re not creating content as in video or audio content, you can stick around.

You’re welcome to stick around because you’re going to be a user off this once people see it and it starts getting around. I mean, imagine, Imagine YouTube at the beginning or Google at the beginning. Those are the number one number two search engines on the planet and things are gonna change around here. And once you see this, I think you’re gonna be really excited about it too. So there’s there’s two kinds of people that will be using searching the people that will be doing searches and the people who are content creators doing audio or video content.

And this is gonna blow your socks off. So stick around. If you’re looking for a quick review, the quick review is by it. When you get a chance to buy it, the slower review is gonna take me probably 2030 minutes. So if you got time to stick around, please do! And you’re gonna understand why I’m doing this in a Facebook live in a few minutes. I’m I’m doing this on purpose instead of just creating a pretty review and making it short and sweet, because I for content creators,

especially part and I shouldn’t say especially content creators, video creators are gonna go gaga over this, and you’re going to see when I finish going through all the different steps exactly why I’m doing it this way. I think I’ll go through it. Explain it. If not So what the hell is it? All right, I understand. I’ve already talked a whole lot, and you don’t really fully understand it. Maybe you star store saw stu McLaren, Who is the creator of Searchie. Maybe you saw the webinar that he’s going to do tomorrow.

Navy. You signed up for that already? If you haven’t Ah, you can go to here. Go to Searchie pro dot com and click on the by. I’m going to demonstrate this in a minute. Ah, you don’t have to just buy it right now. But that link right now it takes you to the page where the webinar is. So stu is going to go through a whole DeMann all dem in our See, I told her the mistakes. Ah, but there’s he’s going to do some fancy explanation of what Searchie is tomorrow,

which is the 12th. If you’re watching this on YouTube or on Facebook or in a Searchie search from my content. Obviously that is already passed, and you probably saw it. All right, so, Searchie let me just get rid of that. Searchie is basically in a really simple phrase, a YouTube search engine for your content. So suppose you have a training program and you’ve got gobs of videos. And maybe you’ve got multiple training videos that are in a membership and you want to have. People have access to answers now.

Right now, they can go into your training program and they could go. Oh, well, I remember that Mitch did this training on SMTP, for example, which maybe you don’t know what SMTP is, but that’s that’s not important in the training program I have. I have a module on how to use SMTP, and you could probably jump into the training and go through the titles of all the different videos and figure out which one it might be in. But then it let’s say the videos 10 15 minutes long.

What part of that video do you want that I really talked about the SMTP section that you need? It’s hard to find right. You’ve had experience going into YouTube and looking for videos to try to find an answer. I know you have because it’s a number two search engine on the planet, but imagine you have a dedicated YouTube for your content. That’s what we’re really talking about here. Now, you could also have this for a podcast. Searchie will search audio just like it searches video. So what does it trying to do?

Well, if you had that membership cider that training program, you can upload all of those videos to Searchie. Searchie will transcribe those videos for you using artificial intelligence. It will just transcribe all of those. It’s gonna make a couple of mistakes along the way, which you can go in and edit if you need to. And it will create a search engine of that content for you. Okay, I know some of this is going over your head. It’s still knew. When I first saw this, I kind of scratched my said and I head and I said,

Uh huh, That’s right, Ho. I’m a little confused still. And when we get to the devil, if you’re really clear, I think so. You’ve got this content that you want people have access to. Why do you want them to have this? I mean, they have you to write that you have, ah, training class and they could probably figure out where the stuff is imagine. I’ll give you an example and still is going to talk about this in his weapon are tomorrow they installed Searchie on.

He has a program pulled TRIBE and I don’t know, they’ve got 2030 modules in TRIBE. They have, I think, close to 1000 students enrolled during the 10 week period that it was open blah, blah, blah. Their experience was that questions to customer service. We’re between 80 and 100 e mails a day with people trying to find content trying to find answers. When they implemented Searchie, their customer support e mails went down to about 10 a day. They dropped a massive amount. That’s evidence to me that search engines work.

We all know they work because you have Google and YouTube and we’ll talk about them as verbs. Right? Go certain. Go Google it. So Searchie is gonna be coming up soon. So Mitch is gonna say, Go Searchie it. When you get to my content, you’re going to say, I’m gonna tell you to go Searchie it. It’s gonna become a verb. I know. Just like Google. All right, so I feed around the bush and you’re probably still a little confused. There’s some automation things that go along with this process that I’ll get into in a few minutes.

But let me give you a quick demo of what Searchie can do. Not see. I knew I knew it was going to do that. Why? Why? Why? I gotta figure out a better way of doing that. All right, here is and I have to take a quick drink. And of course, what does it do? It switches windows on me. I am so excited about Searchie. I created a website called Searchie Pro. So if you go to Searchie pro dot com, you can see this.

You can play along as I’m doing this and it’s brand new. I’ve got some mistakes in it. It’s It’s in perfect. But here’s the buy button I was talking about before. Here is the demo. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click this now. The content that I have loaded in this particular demo is my giveaway rocket website. My contest and give away software training. I happen to know that in one of the videos that’s uploaded, I used the word penguin. Now this one is an easy one,

right? Penguin? Not spoken very often, but I happen to be doing demos about this, and I have to use a unique word like penguin. All right, so big deal. Here’s the search. Results were showing 13 results. It says Right here. Here’s the title of the video Searchie coming December 12th. I did this. Ask me anything. Ah, what’s today? Wednesday? I did this on Monday. I used the word penguin because I was demo ing this again. But notice what happens when I click on this?

The video loads. I hope that was coming through. The audio was coming through, but it jumped to the segment in the video where I said Penguin, I said it right before this. If you couldn’t hear it, I said it in the video. Now you too doesn’t do that for you. Your tube doesn’t jump to a particular section in a video. It just finds keywords that Aaron the titles or in the key words that the creator specified, Searchie gets you right to the freaking point in the video where the word was used.

And I don’t know if you noticed, but look down here at the text. It jumped to the beginning of the sentence where the word penguin was used. Pillars. There’s a bit of context there for you. It doesn’t just jump in at the word penguin. I think this is pretty exciting. This is the crazy kind of fun stuff that just floats my boat. Hopefully that sunk in a little bit. Here’s another example. Happen to use it the beginning of the sentence. There there is the video.

It’s playing in blah, blah. So let’s use Let’s search for a different word, right? If you go back to the top, you can type in a different work. I’m gonna do something generic because I know I’ve used the word minutes before right or talked about myself. Let’s do a planet mitt. I have not planned this. I haven’t done this one recently, so I’m not sure what. One result. And there it is, way down with the bottom Now. This was a video that I had done before long time ago,

because you can see it’s kind of old looking, but that’s six minutes and 50 seconds into the video.

I think this is pretty astounding. So what could you use Searchie for? I’ve put some ideas here on the website.

There are plenty more ideas that I haven’t thought of. And I know plenty of people are really, really thinking about how they can leverage this.

I’ve mentioned a membership. You could have a membership site and index all of that you could have a course.

I mentioned that you could have Ah ah website full of videos that are different kinds of content. You could be a board of aldermen for,

like the city of Brentwood where I live. They record all of the meetings in video and they could create a searchable index of all the boring,

boring. I’m sorry, Did I say that island? All of the older Board of Aldermen meetings that could then be searchable.

So anybody in the city could come in and say, Well, I remember there was a topic about ah rebuilding City Hall and they could find that conversation regardless of what day it is our waas when that was recorded.

Or maybe it was in multiple meetings that were recorded, and all of them would be found by Searchie.

I’m pausing, hoping you’re thinking as I’m going through some of this Maybe you know, our maybe or not.

Hopefully you are. Searchie is astounding. I’m really, really excited about work. Searchie can do! So does if I know something we’re watching life.

Thank you for tuning in. If you have any questions as I’m going through this, please pop in and ask the question.

I will be happy to answer them when I have the full screen up. I can’t really watch all of the comments,

but if you come in later, like on YouTube or on Facebook, I’ll be happy to answer questions.

So that’s kind of the what Searchie can do. It does multiple things. First of all, it is.

It is basically, like I said, a YouTube channel for your specific video or audio content. It does transcriptions.

And if you’ve watched news, Webinar still will talk about the pricing and all that kind of stuff. But imagine that you tank your videos and sent him over to some other website,

like rev dot com or somewhere to have them transcribed. They charge a dollar a minute. Some of them are less,

some of them or you get better quality blah blah, blah. Searchie does that for you as part of the service.

Now I mentioned at the beginning of all this that I was recording this on Facebook for a reason. And I also mentioned just before I did in the quick demo that I was doing this for a very specific reason on Facebook.

And I’ll explain why how? I mentioned that there’s automation involved. So I talked earlier, also was about taking your course and uploading it to Searchie.

The automation side of Searchie is that it now is connected to multiples websites and off those websites. Searchie goes out and looks on a regular basis for new videos.

And if you have a switch turned on inside of Searchie, it will bring automatically any video that it finds in that source.

It will bring it up to Searchie and transcribe it and put it in your search index so you don’t have to manage the dead gum videos.

You know how astounding is that? You don’t have to do the management now. You can if you want to.

And I didn’t really mention this before I showed you that the widget where I search for the word penguin and then I searched for Planet match.

You can have multiple widgets. You can have a free widget. Come to my website, sign up for my email list and I’ll give you a widget that are us Searchie off my content.

That’s free or you have a widget. That search is not only the free content but the paid content. So the people in your membership have access to both.

You can create your mind can create all kinds of different folders, different widgets in order to store this data.

Now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a demo off the inside of Searchie And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna say a keyword.

Now, why would I say keywords I showed you before that you can search for specific words and I used the demo word of Penguin.

Imagine you’ve got a podcast. And let’s suppose you’ve got 100 episodes of your podcast And all 100 episodes of that podc

ast are in Searchie.

They’re yours. You’re not searching somebody else’s content. It’s your content. Your podcast. I’ve heard people that have podcasts at the end of them say,

Whoa, This was Episode 53 where we interviewed Planet. Come back to episode 53. If you want to review this or listen to it again,

make sure to pay attention. Toe Episode number 53 52 Whatever. It’s just sit now imagine that’s just a keyword.

So I’m going to say the keyword stegosaurus, and then I’m going to do my demo. So when you come back and use that demo Searchie thing that I just showed you and you search for that word that I just gave you,

you will get to the segment where I started there. So that will be the demo. All right,

try it. You don’t believe me when you’re watching this. For those of you watching alive, obviously it’s not there yet,

but it will be automatically brought in, transcribed, uploaded and will be available in the search engine. All you have to do is go look for the word stegosaurus,

and I’m not gonna use that word anywhere else. So for those of you doing a podcast you’re thinking about in the future,

you can start doing something like this. And this is a different way of thinking about things where you create key words,

make them unique, and when people want to come back to a specific segment in a video. They know what the key word is.

Maybe they write that down in their notebook. In the old I need to go. They don’t have to remember episode 53 35 minutes into the podcast.

All they have to do is remember that key work. Now, that’s mind blowing If you sit down and think about it again the first time I started thinking about Searchie,

it wasn’t It didn’t really hit me. So I understand. If you’re a content creator and light bulbs and fireworks are going off yet,

it might take a little bit of simmering for you. That’s okay. I went through that. I know what it’s like.

Pardon me. So now I said I was going to use the key word at the beginning of thing,

and then I kept talking. So I apologize for those of you came in with the key word. I’m not gonna say it again because I said it before.

Here’s the demo. I’m gonna now dio a demo of the Searchie side of things and it’s gonna be a short,

not so long demo because I just watched a demo that somebody else did. And I’m laughing because Searchie actually has changed since they did the demo a month ago.

The team is working so freaking fast and and things are changing on the fly. So if you watch this 34 months down the road,

you might find out that the user interface has changed. This is the front end of Searchie. This is my Searchie that I’ve been using for two months.

It is in beta. If you can see that, I can tell you there are bugs. There are things that I don’t like.

There are things that I absolutely love. There’s four menus that are over here on the left hand side.

Now I haven’t mentioned number four yet. If you happen to have been watching when I had Searchie pro dot com up a minute ago,

you saw the special bonus. But let’s start there. Let’s just have fun and start there. The reward section is once you get into Searchie and become a Searchie member,

you instantly become an affiliate and affiliates get 30% recurring commission for recurring people. So every month you can get 30% of what somebody that you brought into Searchie is pain.

You notice that right now I have to customers. I have two people that bought Searchie through my affiliate link.

If I get to three in the third, my account is paid for for as long as those people stay a customer.

And I can tell you they’re going to stay once they start using Searchie because they’re gonna get locked into this and their users,

they’re gonna get locked into it and they’re gonna keep paying every month. I I can almost guarantee that unless they go out of business and stop doing what they’re doing,

This is a recurring commission, 30%. So they give you the lengths to share etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

But here I’m waiting on 100 and $17 payout. The three folder of three things that Searchie does is it stores your media.

It collects them in folders and then it gives you widgets. Excuse me, to, display the search results and for people to do the searches and again you can have multiple widgets.

You could have multiple folders and you can have gobs of media. Now, When Searchie first launched for us,

we got 15 hours a month on the business plan notice. Right now there’s a starter plan and there’s a business plan.

Stu’s announcing other plans tomorrow on the December 12th but right now these are the two plants, but you get 30%.

I’m so excited about this. I forgot what I was just gonna say, Um oh, the 15 hours it used to be that we had 15 hours and I uploaded to training classes in the month of November to complete training classes and some phone bonus Facebook videos.

And I got the nine hours I still had unused hours. Now the cool thing is, is that within reason,

Searchie is now unlimited for business plans and up the starter plan will be limited to 15 hours. I think is what’s to said.

But the business plan and the next higher plan, if there is one, will be unlimited. So there’s no limits on how much people can watch,

and there’s no limits on how much you can upload and transcribe a month now. That’s phenomenal. All right,

so I have media, which is where this starts. You can see the different videos down here. You can edit them,

So if I do edit. I’ll show you really fast. Here’s the edit off the transcription and it’s playing.

Hopefully you can see and hear that. And as it goes, the cursor is moving through the words.

So the words in red are words that it didn’t have high confidence in the conversion or the transcription noticed this one,

for example. D i o what we’re going to do For some reason, it converted. That is D I O.

Now there’s a search and replace Maybe that was done in multiple places. I’m gonna just type in D i o.

And I’m gonna replace it with dew, and I’m gonna do find there’s only one so I could do replace all.

But you can see how you could quickly get through the entire thing and transcribe edit multiple words in a single fell swoop.

Now you could download this. You can upload a separate s. Artie, if somebody else’s Donna transcription already.

Ah, you. So there’s all kinds of features. I’m not gonna try to go through them all.

The editor. If you looked at the review that the young lady did last month, the editor is completely different than it was a month ago,

so things were changing quickly. The other thing is that you can add tags so I could add a specific tag like penguin to a particular video,

even if I didn’t say the word inside that video. So tagging is gonna be important. There’s also gonna be a cloud tag available eventually.

Folders like I mentioned before, uh, I’m gonna do safe folders. This is where you see that little icon I have Auto processing turned on for that folder inside that Facebook page.

Every time a new video hits there, it’s gonna automatically upload in, transcribed and be available to my readers,

listeners, watchers as soon as it’s done. The automation on this is phenomenal. Oh, I forgot to tell you,

I’m showing your Facebook, but let’s do Let’s add a folder you can upload from Facebook. You can upload from your podcast.

You can upload from video and coming soon you’ll be able to connect your YouTube. Now they say it’s completed already.

It’s just not been approved by you. Do also they’re gonna upload from Dropbox. They have also said they will be uploading from all the resources in the near future.

I don’t know what those are gonna be? I might suspect Amazon as three could be one I don’t know,

but other sources will be available so you can upload from your computer. You can create a new folder.

Call it whatever you want. But one of the things that I mentioned earlier is that I was going to do a free folder and a members only folder.

So I can have two widgets, one for the free people and one for the members and the members,

which it would give them access to both the members content and the free content. I only have to upload the videos.

One time they’re automatically transcribed and everything those hunky dorey. Now, let’s show quickly how to create a widget,

and I got to go back. I don’t This doesn’t quite work that exactly the way I want. I shouldn’t see.

I mean, obviously, something would do it differently. But let’s let’s go toe widgets. Here’s the rigid.

So I currently have. Here’s the private I have one private so that I can upload customers, for example,

uh, here’s one that I’m gonna upload for content for my client’s pen hairs. A folder for the viral basics clamps.

So I don’t currently have one for Searchie pros. So I’m gonna create a widget for Searchie pro. And I’m just gonna call,

say, Searchie Searchie and I can’t type and talk at the same time. Very well, Searchie. Come on,

pro. So you see that That is labeling your search. You can also change the text here. I had been doing this a few minutes ago before we started.

So let me just fill that. And the place holder I had they had other text there. So,

um, I’m gonna put in here Searchie for anything. Example. The word that I used before are not going to repeat it cause I don’t want it to find it again.

Stay. Oh, I almost said it. And I hope I’m playing this spelling it right. Ah knows it’s not spelled rates.

There it is. Thank you for whoever created that. So I don’t wanna select a folder, and I have a specific folder for Searchie pro.

I could add another folder if I wanted, but I’m just going to stick with that. I don’t have the tag set up yet,

so there aren’t any tags, but I could add tags and I could change the look and feel use the one you saw.

I had dark mode turned on Ah, the Searchie logo. If you leave that on Oh, by the way,

they put your affiliate link in there so that if people use your Searchie widget and say, This is really cool,

I want to see that you can actually make money from that as well. And you can change the size and the accent,

color and all that kind of stuff. I’m just going to do create now once it’s created, what you then do is copy the embed code.

So there’s two selections here. There’s the embed rigid and there’s the top out which it What I demonstrated earlier was the papo.

So it’s just a matter of taking the pop out, copying this code in putting it on your website.

Simple, easy peasy. Just about anybody can do it. And that’s how you do the entirety of searching.

Oh, I’m welcoming back to my own face. And look, Jason is here. Hi, Jason.

We had talked about Searchie before Jason asked about folders, so I think I answered that right. You with me now I heard the little popping of the comments while I was talking,

but I didn’t see because the way I was doing that, I couldn’t see the comments pop out. So I’m sorry,

Jason. If I didn’t answer that, let me know. Pete Stones here. Pretty sweet. He says Thank you,

Pete. I’m gonna take a quick swigs. I’m getting dried out. I personally think it’s pretty sweet.

Uh, I said earlier, and I suspect that you weren’t really here, Pete. Uh, but I I firmly,

firmly, firmly, And I think it was Jason said the other day that this is ah, groundbreaking here.

I’ll go back to I’ve added new new sounds, by the way, Jason. So here’s the earthquake.

This is this is earthquake changing kind of stuff to me. The abilities that Searchie will open up for people that are content creators.

Uh, and I’m gonna answer your question in just a second. Pete, let me finish this. I mentioned at the beginning if you if you happen to be at the beginning or if you’re watching the replay at how this is going to change things and how what I did in this Facebook video,

I changed the way. I kind of have done a couple of pieces. I could have recorded this and edited it and dropped out a whole bunch of stuff.

The part of the cool thing of of Searchie is thehe bility. For it to go out and find the videos after you’ve recorded them,

uploaded them or whatever. I’m using the software called E Cam. When the video’s open, it is broadcasting the Facebook.

When the video’s over, he can gives me the ability to send that video over to YouTube Now. I also have a tool called Live Leap,

and there’s a couple of other tools that would let you distribute as it’s being broadcast to other Facebook pages.

Or, uh, I can’t remember the name of the tool. Ah, re stream will let you broadcast to,

um, I know, I know he can will go to periscope, but re stream will go to periscope.

It will go to Twitter or Instagram. It goes to all kinds of different places so you can send your content out there.

But imagine that the end of your video are at the beginning or in the middle. You put up the thing that says.

This is part of my Searchie content. Find anything you want to know about this product at Searchie pro dot com slash search or whatever your u R L is and the whole world opens up to people because you didn’t have to do anything to save the video and transcribe it and put it up in the search engine.

It just automatically happens. That’s what’s gonna happen to this one. I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to edit it.

I am so free is a content creator. Yes, there’s imperfections in it, but you people don’t seem they’re really matter our mind that much.

It’s live, right? Uh, I get goose bumps thinking about this because I would I have struggled in the past when I was a content create when I was doing my planet.

Five. The Website I. You see that microphone up there? That box that’s an N T. G four microphone,

so I would have to set up my tripod, my camera, my microphone. I’d have to test the microphone to make sure it was working.

I have a recorder that’s over there for recording the audio, and I’d have to record this stuff and because I was the one man band,

I’d have to walk around, push the button behind the camera than walk in front of the camera to a mark,

and I’d have to say what I was going to say. Then I’d have to in just the video into my computer that I would have to edit it and put it all together and mix it in a while,

which is what I probably would have done two years ago to to record this. Now all I have to dio and I Frankly,

I even started it when I was going to do this. I started in, um, screen Flow,

which I have on my computer. I was going to record it and edit it and I went, Wait a minute.

Why would I do that? Why don’t I just go on Facebook live, have it do the recording for me.

I can then send it to you, too, because I’m using E. Cam Searchie is gonna find it out there on Facebook.

It’s gonna upload it, transcribe it and make it available to you guys. Why on earth would I do anything differently?

Oh, this is TV. I can’t tell you how excited I am by this Paints asked the question,

and I apologize. I put him off. I’m sorry, Pete. I just get so excited about that piece.

Can you search in your Searchie so I can see the results? Uh, I did that demo a minute ago,

but you want me to do it again, I’ll do it. So if I go over to Searchie pro dot com,

you can do this to pete Searchie pro dot com. That’s my new website for Searchie. Uh, I heard the pop.

Let me check the comments. Make sure I’m on the right place. Jason said exactly. Ah. So if you do this pop out demo now,

I will say, by the way, that this is a WordPress site. And a young man by the name of Chris created this widget.

This Ah wordpress widget that does this pop out? So I didn’t create this part. This was a bonus freebie thing that Chris created.

And I have a link to that in here. But here’s the pop out, and you can do a search.

I search for these two words already. Penguin and Planet Mitch. Um Let’s search for Jason because I might have talked about Jason.

No, I didn’t get a hit. Now this particular search doesn’t have all of my videos in. It s oh,

I keep forgetting what’s in there now Bonus Jason or Pete? One of the things that they have said is coming is a word cloud,

so you could have on your page or in your pop out widget a word cloud or a list of the most popular keywords.

But let’s say I know I said up viral, cause that’s what I talk about all the time, right?

I can’t type and talk at the same time up by role. So here’s a video that’s Bradley Waldrip and I did How to get a fire breathing lead Jen Campaign for Elite Service.

We did that about a year ago. Many of you probably haven’t seen it, but there’s the word up viral.

So if I click this, the video starts playing and for some reason it’s taking a there. It is.

So it goes right to the exact phrase where that key word was found 22 minutes and 45 seconds into the video,

Bradley said the word up viral. Now you can sit here and watch the whole video. I can scroll the beginning and press play So it is playing.

I think you can hear it. It’s quiet. It’s right there. The whole video was right there.

So if you decided you wanted to watch the hour long hour and 16 minute presentation, it’s right there.

You can pop it out. You can show it full screen, et cetera, and it’s a full 10 80 if if Bradley recorded it.

So if it’s in 10 80 you can. You can upload four K videos if you want. Takes up a lot of storage and it slows down the process.

Does that answer your question? Pete can. So I showed you the search and I kind of left the screen helmet up there.

Sorry, I need another drink of water. Yes, Pete said a word cloud would be cool. It will be cool because you saw I’m I know that.

I mean, I know the content is there, but sometimes I struggle about which words maybe or in those now I could always go back into Searchie and look at the transcriptions,

but the word cloud will help with some of them. But I used an example earlier. You probably weren’t here because this has been going on for a while.

In the demo are in the conversation I had earlier I used the key word. SMTP there are 20 results How do you find people keeping an upright role contest?

I mentioned the word SMTP right there. Click on it right there Goes right to it. Scroll down to the next one SMTP I got an old video on that.

Or what about SMT and pee inside of notice It says a viral. Obviously, by the way, there is going to be word training.

So I will be able to put the word up viral and replace it where it says inside of a viral,

I’ll be able to replace that and it will then going forwards hopefully understand the custom word up viral. No automated search would figure that out.

I have seen it come up with two words and part of it is I talk fast, right? One of the things I kind of need to do is to slow down a little,

but I get excited. But if I slow down and say a viral. When the keyword thing is in,

it should understand it better. But yes, a word cloud would be awesome. Uh, Jason, why wouldn’t a creator content creator want this?

Who has a freakin great question and that’s getting really big. I don’t know. Other than expense, I believe I I didn’t really study it today.

Still, put out the pricing for the new stuff. I believe it’s there. If if you watch the women are tomorrow,

let me just get out of here. If you watch the webinar tomorrow, the yearly annual plan will be on big time major sale.

So I don’t remember the exact price for the yearly. I would have to go try to look it up.

I think it waas $1200 which is $100 a month right, and on December 18th that price goes away for forever.

They will never offer that again. The regular price, I believe that he quoted was 199 a month.

Now that sounds a little high for those of us that are in the scarcity mode, and maybe that’s scary.

$200 a month. That’s $2000 a year. Well, I’m sorry, $2400 a year, right? And I suspect that the annual plan would be two months free going forwards after December 18th when they closed the cart.

Um, but that’s that’s a little scary, but there’s several things they’re number one is, like I said,

unlimited uploads so you could upload, theoretically, 50 100 hours in a month, you can transfer. It does the automatic transcription,

which rev dot com charges a dollar a minute for. So if you upload 10 hours of video at a dollar a minute,

that’s 60 minutes. That’s 600 hours or 600 minutes. That’s 10 that that’s six under books in one month for rev dot io.

Now maybe you don’t upload videos for three months, right? I don’t know. I don’t know what your life is like.

$200 a month could be a little steep For some entrepreneurs. It’s not an expense that they have today,

but at the same time, I’m constantly answering questions People pop into Facebook Messenger or they send me an email because I’m generous with my answers,

which is my own fault. But I spent 2030 minutes today answering questions in Facebook. And if I had all of the videos that I have on you tube inside of Searchie,

I could simply say that question is answered on YouTube right now. What I do is I go look for the video on my YouTube channel for them,

and I give them the freakin link right, because I know that specific video that they because there is no YouTube search engine for just my content,

I can tell you guys know I get pretty excited about this, so I give them a search engine and I say Go the giveaway rocket dot com slash search and ask your question there in a couple of short phrases and every video that I’ve done that answers.

That question is right there in front of your face. You go answer the question yourself, takes me out of that loop,

and now I’m working. Although I love answering questions, I love helping people. I love them patting me on the back,

saying, Thank you. That was incredibly helpful, but I charged $200 an hour for my consulting time.

And why would I work here? About $200 a month for paying for Searchie. Now, the second sight of that and that was a long winded answer,

Jason. But the second side of that is Oh, by the way, content Creator. I bet you know three other people that would benefit from Searchie.

You demonstrate it to them. Give them your affiliate link that you’re automatically given when you sign up. And your account is paid for by getting three and 1/3 people signed up.

You don’t have to pay a penny, you don’t have to pay it. And then they reading. But you know all the words,

but all you need is three friends and your accounts virtually paid for. Get more than that and you’re actually making money.

So not only you’re solving your client’s problems, you’re answering their questions. You’re giving your people free content or your members searchable content that nobody else has access to.

But you’re also possibly getting paid extra. Hello? I’ll put the earthquake back on. C. Knows how I uploaded that.

Yeah, So Jason says, Why wouldn’t the content creator want this? May I go back to the podcast example that I said before,

if you were a friend for the podcast example how many podcast you listen to where the person says, If you want to come back and listen to the interview of Rachel McClaren,

come back to Episode 53 And so you go look up the podcast Episode 53 and you have to sit through the three minutes of introduction in the advertisements and everything else.

But if they had used a key word like I did in my demo with the the dinosaur thing that I won’t mention again because I don’t want you to find it in another spot if you start thinking about how you present your stuff and stare at the key word for this segment is Pinocchio and you don’t use that word again.

Hello? All people have to dio remember the key word, and then they can come back into your search engine.

They don’t have to look for Episode 52. They just type in the keyword dinosaur and they’re they’re they’re instantly right Care to the segment that they want to hear.

So why wouldn’t you? By the way, Jason, why wouldn’t you start introducing keywords to your stuff?

And that simply reinforces the people that you’ve got the search engine there that is dedicated to you. That’s an extra bonus feature that makes you look like a genius because they think that you’re spending hours and hours and hours and hours and hours creating that freaking content while you are right.

You’re spending your time for eating that freaking counted, huh? Jason says a person could make some extra cash promoting this Go.

It took me about a month, Jason, to suddenly realize that I ought to have a website that is s he owed for 30.

Hence Searchie pro dot com. Well, I didn’t demonstrate to you because it’s already been an hour. Uh,

I didn’t demonstrate that I got an f a Q has already created That has a serious amount of information about What do you want to do,

why you want to do it, where the bugs are or how to do this and that. So I’ve got an f a Q sitting out there,

a part of my website to S c o me. Tomorrow Searchie gets announced. Now I will have this video,

which is a review of Searchie. Granted, it’s long winded and people probably won’t sit through the whole thing.

That’s okay, but it will be on YouTube. It will have what my affiliate link in there. There’s only what other?

If you type in, don’t don’t do this. Don’t Don’t copy what I’m doing, Because gosh, I want to be the only perfect.

But if you go to YouTube and type in Searchie Review, there’s only one. Now there’s two will be when I upload this right.

Uh, so And by the way, I for anybody that’s stuck around this long, I could be adding to training class is granted there for up viral.

I don’t have a Searchie pro training class yet. I don’t know if I would create one. Maybe I will,

but I will give you my two off viral classes one on how to run, how to create your first contest and won on planning.

Ah, those were currently retailing for a total of $97 on my website. So if you buy Searchie pro through my affiliate link,

I will. And you all you gotta do is send me your purchase. The screen grab of your purchase.

Send it to me. Uh, I hope that that will show that has my affiliate link on it.

I don’t know how that works really yet because I haven’t worried about it. But if you want that training,

let me see your receipt, and I will let you have that. And guess what? I stuff floated those videos.

And now there’s a Searchie search engine for those training classes. Man, how cool is that? So if you guys have any questions,

those of you who have come and go on Thank you for watching, uh, and and Jason, I appreciate you popping in.

And, Pete, if you’re still here, thank you for asking questions. If anybody else has any questions,

just go ahead and ask them, You know, below. Watch this. Hey, by the way,

please subscribe. Look, it’s I, Justine, or there’s this one. Subscribe now. But if you go to Searchie product,

come and click on by Link. I showed you that before you will get right to the spot where my affiliate link gets clicked and you’ll be cooking to me and I will kiss your ever 11 sucks.

So anybody has any questions? Let me know. Jason, thank you for popping in. I still don’t have a key that makes that go away.

I appreciate all of you, uh, just looking over my notes because I wanted to make sure I covered everything,

and I believe I did in great extent. All right. Thank you for tuning in. I was a straight Nancy.

There are any hangers on? Question wise. Ah, let me go here and say thanks, Pete.

I didn’t know if you were still here or not. Pete said good stuff. Thank you for tuning in.

If you have any questions, let me know.